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Peter Pan Au Pairs - Why Peter Pan

Why Peter Pan

We Care. We are thorough. We deliver

Personal service

We like to speak personally to all our families to ensure that they know what is expected from them as a family and also of what they can expect an au pairs role to be within their household.

We Care

Our primary aim is to ensure the happiness of Au pair and family. It is just as crucial that the au pair is happy about such things as location, accommodation, distance from college, amount of children, duties etc. as it is for you being happy about the background, age and suitability of the Au pair. The selection process is a two way process and it is important that as much information as possible is provided.

Many au pairs will ask for a City, however once they realize that they can get to language school relatively easy from a village then they may change their mind. Ultimately a friendy family is the most important thing for them.

We are thorough

We work hard to find you a suitable applicant to fit in with your requirements and desired start date. We will continue to offer candidates until you have found an au pair that you are happy with.

You will be provided with a comprehensive pack for each applicant containing an application form, at least two references, a ‘dear family’ letter, health certificate, police check and photographs. You can be rest assured that the au pair has been interviewed by our partner agencies, references have been checked and police report and medical check obtained.

After-care and dealing with problems

You can call us for advice or information at any stage and we hope to provide the necessary support to ensure that the relationship with the au pair remains a good one.

We will provide you and your au pair with a Welcome Pack. This provides guidance notes for you and your au pair. Registration for your au pair to join our ‘friends’ website and also details of the parties that we arrange a few times a year. We can also send out a UK SIM card to your au pair and our au pair handbook.

We can arrange for the agencies abroad to speak to the au pair should you feel that there is an area in which they may need further guidance but you are having difficulty communicating due to language barriers or sensitivity issues.

It is important to be patient with your au pair who may find the adjustment difficult at first. Sit down with him/her as often as you can to discuss how s/he is coping, being open and as specific as you can. Ensuring she is treated as a member of the family and not an employee will help.

In the unlikely situation that the relationship does not prove successful, we will work as quickly as we can to find a suitable replacement for the family and to find an alternative family for the au pair. (See Terms & conditions).