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Peter Pan Au Pairs - What is an Au Pair

What is Expected

An au pair is expected to spend 30 hours per week helping the family and this can include up to two evenings babysitting.  In return, the family will pay a minimum of £80 per week in pocket money.

Your duties should include help with the children, light household duties mainly related to the children, care of pets, laundry and ironing.

Please remember that you may need to show some flexibility with the amount of help you provide the family. However, if you are regularly helping more than 5 hours per day then you should be rewarded for that.

Your food and a bedroom of your own is provided by the host family.

Choosing a family

We would advise always speaking to a family that has requested to speak to you as long as the main requirements suit  you.  It is only when you speak to them that you get a better idea of whether you will be happy living in their home with them.   You can attend language school from all of our families so it is not necessary to be in a City or large town.   Sometimes it is easier to make friends in a large village or town!  Once you have agreed to talk to a family you will speak to them on the phone or via SKYPE and also have the opportunity to converse with email so you can make sure you understand everything.

If you both like each other then they will invite you with an official invitation letter and you will arrange your travel with your agency and the family.

Once you are here we will send you a WELCOME PACK which will give you general information, a UK SIM and membership of our friends website to help you meet other local au pairs.

It is a nice gesture to bring a small gift for the children or parents  of the family from your home country.

Language School

We encourage all our au pairs to attend a language course which is paid for by the au pair, although some families will contribute to this. This provides the best opportunity to meet friends, develop a social life and to improvde your English.

How to integrate into the host family

Being an au pair can be a rewarding cultural experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn English and improve your career prospects. However, it can be demanding, hard work and at times lonely.

Please remember that your host family are inviting you into their home, try to be happy, friendly and helpful towards them at all times.

Although they will be happy to spend time with you when you are not working for them, please understand that they will want some time on their own – especially in the evening if they have a partner who has to work in the day comes home from work.

You will need to work out the best way to be with your family and provide them with privacy if you feel that is required.

You should ensure that you help them on the agreed day, time and amount of hours and are enthusiastic and helpful during this time. If there is anything you do not understand you should ask until you are happy that you understand what is required.

Ask your host family for a list of what is required and if possible for them to show you how they like things done as this can vary from family to family and they may do things differently to you.

The family should provide you with wifi access, please make sure that you do not use your phone or computer during your on duty hours.

If in doubt about anything, always ask first.

Please remember that we are available at any time to give you advice and help you settle down and be happy.