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Peter Pan Au pairs - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Peter Pan Au Pairs
6 Station Road, Faversham, Kent ME138EB
Tel: 07710172600 Fax: 0845 1305821
Email: nicky@peterpan-aupairs.com

Fees/Terms & Conditions


There is no registration fee with Peter Pan Au Pairs
Our introduction fees are as follows:

Summer au pair £100.00 inc
Au pair 3-5 month placement £245.00 inc
Au pair 6 month placement £440.00 inc
Au pair 7- 9m £480.00 inc
Au pair 10 -12m £510.00 inc
Au Pair Couple £685.00 inc Mothers help
(35+ Hours or over £120 per week)
Family is responsible for tax and NI £675.00 inc

Companion/Elderly Care £710

Payment Terms

The placement fee becomes payable when the Client offers to engage the au pair and such an offer is accepted by the au pair. Payment can be made by BACS or cheque.
The agency fee is due in full prior to the arrival of the au pair or within 7 days of receipt of invoice (whichever is first).
The fee will be payable to PPA by the client if an applicant supplied to the client by PPA is at a later date engaged by the client. Clients transferring or passing on the details of an au pair to other families are liable for the placement fee in the event of the family engaging the au pair.

Pocket Money

Au pairs should be paid as follows:
Au Pair 25h per week -£80 min
Au Pair Plus – 30h £95 min
Mothers Help – over 35h – £120 min
Extra work to be payable at £3.50 per hour minimum
An au pair should not be left in sole charge of a child under 2 years old

Holiday Pay

According to Working Time Regulations BAPAA recommends that the UK basic holiday allowance of 28 days per annum should apply or 1.66 days per month pro rata if the placement is shorter than a year. This can include public and Bank holidays.

Terms & Conditions

The term ‘au pair’ refers to any applicants introduced by Peter Pan Au Pairs including couples or mothers helps.
Acceptance of an au pair through Peter Pan au pairs is acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Refunds And Replacements

If an au pair cancels after acceptance then a free replacement will be offered or a full refund of fees paid.

If a family cancels an au pair after acceptance a replacement au pair will be offered free of charge however the original fee is still payable. If the au pair (6m placement or more) leaves the family within 4 weeks of arrival a replacement au pair will be offered free of charge. The agency cannot guarantee to do this within any particular timescale. Should the family not consider these au pairs the agency has properly and correctly discharged its obligations. The agency cannot guarantee the same nationality, length of stay or age group. There will be only one replacement offered per agency fee paid. NO FREE REPLACEMENT AU PAIR WILL BE GIVEN IF THE AU PAIR LEAVES AFTER 4 WEEKS OF ARRIVAL, ALTHOUGH THIS MAY BE DONE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE AGENCY.

A replacement will only be offered if the client complied with the correct terms of payment of the agency fee. The au pair must be given 14 days notice if the family wishes her to leave, failure to do this can result in a replacement not being offered. In cases of severe misconduct the notice period can be waived but this must be at the discretion of the agency and
family together and she must be given provision to either get home or to be able to stay elsewhere.

The agency reserves the right to provide a family with a replacement au pair if they believe the agreed pocket money has not been supplied on a weekly basis or if the au pair has not been treated in a civilised manner. There will be no replacements offered on short term placements (summer au pairs) unless the agency still has availability and can offer this. Should the agency be unable to find a replacement for a short term placement (3 – 5m) a 6m au pair will be offered the difference in fee should be paid.

When the au pair has lived with you for 4 weeks or more it will deemed that the placement has been satisfactory and PPAs obligations have been met. Any placements required after this period will incur the full introduction fee. We cannot guarantee that the au pair stays the full stated period.


Peter Pan au pairs (thereafter referred to as PPA) will always endeavour to ensure the integrity and suitability of the au pair for the family however cannot be held responsible in any way for the character and suitability of the au pair or the accuracy of references or personal details supplied by the au pair. PPA shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of damage, expense, injury or inconvenience suffered or incurred by the family by or due to having the au pair.

We must emphasise that au pairs are not qualified and their childcare experience can be limited. It is the responsibility of the family should they decide to leave an au pair in charge of their child or children and the agency cannot accept responsibility if such a decision is made. In addition, PPA shall not be responsible for any breach by the au pair of any agreed terms or of any other act or omission whether wilful, negligent or otherwise.

PPA shall not be responsible for any accidents or incidents which may happen to or be caused by an au pair.

Client Warranty

The client warrants that all information contained in the application form is full and correct. That they will comply with any conditions concerning the au pair that have been disclosed. That the Client will at all times behave in a responsible, reasonable, and caring manner towards the au pair. Should a driver be required, the Client must allow for the applicant to have sufficient driving lessons for them to be confident to drive in the UK. The Client must add the au pair as a named driver to their insurance policy and must pay any excess charges
and keep the car in a good working order.

If the family goes on holiday, and leaves the au pair at home. it is their responsibility to make satisfactory arrangements for the au pairs welfare whilst they are away.