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Peter Pan Au pairs - Levels Of Au Pair

Levels Of Au Pair

Au Pair

An au pair will work for up to 30 hours a week which can include up to 2 evenings babysitting.  If you require additional babysitting then this should be paid at £4 per hours.

They usually work 5 hours per day, five days per week with 2 days off. Exactly how the 30 hrs are spread across the week is down to you to negotiate with the au pair.

He/she would expect pocket money of a minimum of £80 per week , all the food they need and their own bedroom.

Au Pair Plus

This is usually the same type of candidate but An au pair plus can work 30 hours and would expect £95 min per week.

Mothers Help

A mothers help is usually a girl with more experience, better English or an older candidate.

They want to work more hours and earn more money. They can work 35-40 hours per week and would want to earn £150+ per week. The family would be responsible for paying their tax an NI.

A mothers help would not necessarily expect to attend language classes as the hours worked my make it impossible, but if a solution can be found that would be appreciated.

Au Pair Couple

A couple would suit a family who may have separate accommodation (although this is not a must) and need many more hours.

The girl would generally assist with the children and the house and the boy would maybe help with the garden, animals and driving duties.

Couples are usually very flexible and happy to put their hand to a wider range of duties.

It works as 2 separate au pairs. So you would get 50 hours a week for a £140 min a week. Although you may prefer to provide them with a food allowance as well if they are living separately to the family.


The au pair IS NOT an employee or a professionally trained cleaner, domestic help, child minder or Nanny. They are not capable of running an entire household when parents are absent for business or personal travel. Responsibility for the welfare of children always remains the responsibility of the parents.

Please go to Au Pair General information page to find out more about an Au Pair