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Is an Au Pair right for us?

How do I know if an au pair is right for our family?

Firstly, do you have a spare room?

Do you always feel like you are chasing your tail but don’t want to relinquish your parental duties?

Do you often think you would like some help so you feel more in control, less time poor and be able to juggle all the demands of the children, their activities, keeping the house in some sense of order and also gain a little quality time for yourself; then an au pair can be just the answer.

An au pair is not a qualified nanny, they are not a housekeeper but can be an absolute vital addition to a household that enjoys the company of others, needs an injection of renewed energy and wants someone that can help share the load of running a family home. An au pair is another member of the family, and as my friend reminded me today as she reminisced about the three long-term au pairs that had helped her out with her three boys over the years, “we had such fun, they were part of the family and we still keep in touch”.
In addition to the help you get two evenings babysitting a week, so suddenly you can justify a trip to the cinema, a fitness class, or a drink with friends, precious time with your partner and not feel guilty.

Au pairs can also come as a couple which means you can have two helpers with the addition of extra help around the garden and a driver on occasion with the healthy balance of having both a male and female, this can be excellent for the children who always enjoy the diversity a young au pair couple can bring to a household.

Perhaps an au pair isn’t right for you throughout the whole year but you would just like some help in the summer holidays, we can help with that too.

Get in touch, let us talk you through the options and help you.

We have been placing au pairs for over 25 years and we understand the importance of getting it right.

We can also put you in touch with our happy customers, who can tell you more about what it is like to have an au pair in the household.


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